one-day Healing wellness Experience
thursday 11 MAy 2023, 10am-5pm

Relax Your Mind & Body.
Recharge Your Batteries.
Renew Yourself.
Are you ready to experience renowned ancient therapies and connect to your true self?
Register today to join our incredible team of holistic health experts for a transformational experience.
"ONE ReNEW" retreat is a restorative and transformational one-day experience where you will relax your mind & body, recharge your energy levels, and connect to yourself on a deeper level.

Experience a variety of holistic health modalities during a short period of time to accelerate the process of reaching your inner balance and peace:
breathwork, meditation, nature walk, Reiki, sound healing, art-therapy, coaching.

What You'll Get
  • Deep relaxation
    Relax your mind, restore your body, recharge your batteries. Discover serenity within you!
  • Attention of experts
    Meet with and learn from our knowledgable team of holistic health experts.
  • Feel. Learn. Act.
    Experience various modalities and learn how to integrate new practices into your daily life.
  • Time for yourself

    Precious time dedicated to growing your awareness and consciousness.

  • Conscious self-care
    Understand how you can reduce your stress levels and have balanced life.
  • Experience multiple modalities
    Mini-retreat program includes: breathwork, coaching, Reiki, meditation, sound healing, nature walk.
Thursday 11 MAY 2023
Thursday, 11th May 23
10:00 Welcome/Introduction
10:15 Coaching Session
11:00 Functional Breathing
11:15 Reiki Healing
11:45 Meditation
12:00 Sound Healing
12:15 Sharing Circle
1:45pm Nature Walk, Grounding
2:15pm Art Earthing Meditation
2:45pm Coaching/Planning

3:30pm Fire Ceremony
& Shamanic Drumming
4:15pm Sharing Circle
End of the Retreat
What our retreat participants say ❤️
  • Brenda
    “This was my first retreat and I’m so happy I had a chance to experience so many different modalities. Enjoyed it all! Sound healing was absolutely amazing!”
  • Tony
    “Loved the whole experience! Definitely will be back, thank you all for this wonderful experience.”
  • Lizette
    “I really enjoyed the whole day full of very interesting practices. Have never done breathwork before and found it very powerful…”
  • Cindy
    "That was truly transformational experience! I can't wait to have my after retreat coaching session with Bobby."
We are a team of holistic health experts based in Raleigh & Durham, NC uniting with the common purpose of improving people's lives and seeking to reduce the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual effects of day-to-day stress.
  • Bobby Apeiron
    Coaching. Energy healing.
    In my work I utilize multiple modalities including individual and group coaching, personal training, live & virtual classes, retreats, and nutrition to empower you to become the best versions of yourself.
  • Mila Brown
    Sound Healing.
    In addition to coaching and business consulting methods, I use Tibetan singing bowls in my work with people to discover their true desires, release tensions, clear their paths, and unleash their full potential!
  • Annah Elizabeth
    Life coaching.
    I am a creator of The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing™; a published author; a TEDx, keynote and community speaker; a workshop facilitator; a continuing education trainer and a guest lecturer. My coaching and training programs include academic and alternative modalities.
  • Corneille Little
    I have been an artist forever! It is my passion, my "why". However, I am also passionate about sharing my knowledge, skills and talents with others, which is why I have been teaching art for over 20 years! My teaching style is gentle and easy.
Additional Information
Who This Retreat Is For:
This mini-retreat is for you, whether you are a corporate business person or a busy stay-at-home mom, everyone can benefit from this retreat to find relaxation and gain the knowledge and tools necessary to improve your well-being.
This time we invite our practitioners to become participants of the retreat.

What Will be Provided:
Note paper, pens, session supplies.

Healthy lunch, snacks, teas, and water will be provided.

What to Bring:
Open mind. Open heart. Willingness to relax, heal and transform.

What to Wear:
Retreat activities will take place indoors & outdoors. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and bringing something to cover yourself during the meditation.

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11 MAY 2023, 10AM- 5PM
One-day Healing Wellness Experience

Energy exchange is $333
Note: there are discounts available for our practitioners and partners.
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